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Dr. Jenn Simmons

Breast cancer is never a blessing, but it is a blessed opportunity to take back control of your health.

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If you currently have breast cancer, you are in remission from breast cancer, you are concerned for a loved one or you are concerned for your health, please watch this video.

My Story

Hi! I’m Dr. Jenn Simmons and I’m so happy you are here.

I am an integrative oncologist, breast surgeon, author, podcast host, and the founder of perfeQTion imaging. I began my career as Philadelphia’s first fellowship-trained breast surgeon and spent 17 years as Philadelphia’s top breast surgeon. My own illness led me to discover functional medicine. Captivated by the concept of creating health rather than suppressing symptoms, I left traditional medicine in 2019 and founded Real Health MD to support all women on their breast cancer journey toward true healing.
Breast Health is Health

How can you access the My Answer to Breast Cancer  Doctor and her resources?

Dr. Jenn’s Group Program

Breast Health Blueprint: The Smart Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer is a transformative 8-week group program designed to empower women with the knowledge and skills to take control of their breast health. This comprehensive program provides a roadmap for reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence, restoring overall health, and fostering a fearless, vibrant lifestyle.
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Get the Smart Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer Book

Grab Dr. Jenn's book "The Smart Woman's Guide to Breast Cancer: The Functional Medicine Approach That Will Free You From Your Diagnosis." This book transforms the way we approach breast cancer. Offering a revolutionary functional medicine perspective, it guides readers through personalized strategies for prevention, treatment, and recovery, promising a path to liberation from the diagnosis and a journey towards holistic health.
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Shop Supplements and Products in the Real Health MD Store

The Real Health MD Store is an exclusive online store for women's health. Our store offers a diverse collection of supplements and products, meticulously selected to support breast health, all aspects of women's health, including, and overall well-being. Each item in our collection is designed to help protect and enhance your health, providing you with the best resources to maintain wellness
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Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn Podcast

Listen and learn how Dr. Jenn is helping millions of women reclaim their health and eliminate their breast cancer.

"Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn" is a podcast that explores breast health through a functional medicine perspective, covering prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and holistic strategies for enhanced well-being. Ideal for breast cancer survivors, those seeking to improve their breast health, caregivers, or anyone navigating today’s health challenges. The podcast offers insights on complementing traditional treatments with functional medicine, balancing hormones, optimizing nutrition, and managing lifestyle choices. Tune in to empower yourself with the tools needed for your breast health journey, because breast health is health.
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The truth is, you have the power to reclaim your health

Breast cancer isn't a blessing.
But it is an opportunity to take stock of your life and figure out what is and isn’t working!
It’s an opportunity to live a better, healthier, more meaningful life than you were before.

YOU get to CHOOSE.

Check out the latest from the 

Real Health MD Team

Check out the latest from the 

Real Health MD Team

Register for the upcoming “Breast Health Blueprint: A Smart Woman’s Guide to Breast Cancer in 8 Weeks” Live Q & A with Dr. Jenn on May 21st at 7 PM ET

Yes, I want in!

The truth is, you have the power to reclaim your health

Breast cancer isn't a blessing.
But it is an opportunity to take stock of your life and figure out what is and isn’t working!
It’s an opportunity to live a better, healthier, more meaningful life than you were before.

YOU get to CHOOSE.

Watch Hope’s Story of Triumph

Praise for Real Health MD

I was diagnosed with a metastatic recurrence to my bones at 32 years old. Determined to heal fully and get to the root cause of why my cancer returned, I began working with Dr. Jenn and her team. She has empowered and educated me on how to take control of my diagnosis. I am so grateful for Dr. Jenn's empathetic and knowledgeable care.
Shae M

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew that I had to do things differently. I contacted Dr. Jenn, and within a month my achy legs and fatigue subsided. Within 6 months we eliminated my main issue and I continue to feel great! Dr. Jenn and my health coach, Tracy, have provided me the knowledge and support I needed to create and maintain the necessary lifestyle changes that will promote my health and wellness.
Mariann S

Dr. Jenn and her staff provide optimum skill and professionalism and the best care! Dr. Jenn is at the top of the game and always makes me feel safe and at ease in every way. She listens to my concerns and provides recommendations and responses for the best course of action. Dr. Jenn is an amazing person and a brilliant doctor.

We don't treat symptoms. We pursue  health.

Health care on your terms

Our practice is entirely virtual. We help you to create your health where it happens, at home.

Professionals who listen to you

Get more out of your health with personalized guidance from our team of experts.

Guidance meant to empower you

We spend time getting to know you and your needs, so you’ll feel understood.
It is Estimated That
1 in 8
Will receive a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Dr. Jenn and her Team can Support any Woman on her Breast Cancer Journey

Hi there, we’re so happy that you are here.

We know many of you may have received the worst news of your life or you may be seeking more resources to improve your health, no matter where you are on your breast cancer journey please know that in our community you are supported and you are encouraged.
We know you’re scared
We know you may be confused
We know you may feel overwhelmed

YOU have the power to turn your health around, let us show you.

You are probably here because you are:
Currently on your breast cancer journey and you’re seeking deeper healing
In remission and you want to keep it that way
Supporting a friend or a loved one with breast cancer
Have the breast cancer gene
Living with metastatic disease
You’re concerned because breast cancer runs in your family
Been recently diagnosed with breast cancer
You’re not satisfied with your treatment plan and you’re looking for alternatives
Interested in functional and integrative medicine
Currently on your breast cancer journey and you’re seeking deeper healing
Empowered, excited and MOTIVATED to reclaim your health

You are in the right place and our programs and resources could change your life.

Meet your trusted guide and Chief Medical Officer of Real Health MD, Dr. Jenn Simmons.

Integrative Oncologis
Functional Medicine Expert
Women’s Health Advocate
I walked away from a prestigious job to fulfill my heart's mission because there is a huge need in this world: 240,000 American women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year...

It is my mission to positively impact 2 Million women with this diagnosis to live better, healthier lives, without the threat and fear of illness hanging over them.

It is my goal to teach women how to live a vitality-filled, joyous life.

My Answer to Breast Cancer is how I will fulfill my mission, giving women hope, health, and their power back.

I know in my bones that this 12-week course will change your life.

It is an incredible privilege for me to be able to support you during this most important journey of your life.
Get to know the Real Health MD Team

Imagine if you had the support to create a life where you are:

Back in control
Confident that someone is there to lead you in the right direction
Energetic during treatment
Imagine walking the dogs at 7AM, working full time, and living your BEST life (YES - it's possible)
Nourished, both physically and emotionally
Knowing how to detox and nourish your body back to health
Relieved that you don't have to do this alone
Have the support system you deserve to thrive during your journey
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Throughout these programs, I have realized that I have more control over my health than a lot of these doctors have led me to believe.
Hope R
Philadelphia, PA
I’m a year out from my diagnosis and I’ve never felt healthier in my life. I feel stronger than ever, and I know it’s because of what I’m doing and learning with RealHealthMD.
Abby M
Plymouth Meeting, PA
Jenn just put so many more tools and healthy changes in my life. They are keeping me healthy and I feel fabulous. I feel like I’m a totally different person!
Garnet Valley, PA

My Answer to Breast Cancer has significantly improved overall health, hormone levels, cholesterol levels, and tumor markers, as well as creating ZERO evidence of disease in participants.

You have the opportunity to eliminate the pain and suffering that comes from a breast cancer diagnosis and identify as a healthy, thriving individual.
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