My Answer to Breast Cancer 


If you are:

  • interested in prevention

  • at high risk (genetics, lifestyle, or environment)

  • a BRCA gene mutation carrier

  • recently diagnosed

  • in treatment

  • finished with treatment

  • living with metastatic disease

  • affected by breast cancer in any way

  • You CAN be the master of your own health. 

  • You CAN restore balance to your system 

  • You CAN reclaim your health, vibrancy, and life. 

Dear health seeker,

My name is Dr. Jenn Simmons, and I'm passionate about helping you live your healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling life!


As a former surgeon specializing in breast cancer treatment, I've seen the short-comings of conventional medicine. And now, as a functional medicine physician, I witness the body’s innate ability to heal.


I believe that learning to be healthy is far more valuable than popping pills and suppressing symptoms… and healthy habits last for life!


I created the My Answer to Breast Cancer Program to give you the skills and support to be your own health advocate, all from the comfort of your home.


We've helped thousands of people love themselves back to a vibrant, healthy life.


I look forward to seeing you transform and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!


With love and gratitude,

Dr. Jenn 


My Answer to Breast Cancer

You can be the master of your health.

Shifting the focus from disease to health

  • Nourishment

    Nourish your body properly to restore hormonal balance.

  • Restorative Sleep

    Sleep better every night
    so you have more energy during the day.

  • Mindfulness

    Better health through a better mindset.

  • Joyful Movement

    Give your body a chance to heal with movement that promotes healing. 


Reclaim your health

My Answer to Breast Cancer

A self-paced, do-it-yourself program to learn the fundamentals of anti-inflammatory living. It covers all the pillars of health and demonstrates how to implement them into daily living.


My Answer to Breast Cancer

Join other women on the breast cancer spectrum as we incorporate anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices into our daily lives, to restore health and feel our best!