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I am so excited to have Dr. John Klock with me today! Dr. Klock is an internal medicine physician, board certified in hematology, oncology, and immunology. He is the reason you can have a virtual colonoscopy, the reason why you can have a calcium score, and he just continues to up the game. His overall goal is to make accurate imaging affordable and accessible for all and he started with breast imaging! Let’s dive in!

You will hear:

  • The biggest problem in medicine today
  • What's wrong with mammogram and MRI screenings today
  • Dr. Klock’s mission to improve the types of imaging we have available
  • What QT imaging is and how it works
  • And so much more!

More about Dr. Klock:
Dr. Klock has served as Chief Executive Officer of QT Imaging since 2014 and as Managing Director, Manager and Founder of the Company since 2011. Prior to QT Imaging, Dr. Klock was involved in the start-up of five medical companies, including Co-Founder and President of BioMarin Pharmaceutical, which successfully commercialized five FDA approved drugs; Scientific Founder and Vice President of Research of Glycomed, now Ligand Pharmaceutical; and founding investor in Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He also personally brought to market a novel cancer treatment, the first rapid AIDS test, comprehensive tests for detecting metabolic diseases in children, and several drugs for treating pediatric genetic conditions. Dr. Klock has authored over 70 peer-reviewed medical and scientific publications, and eight granted patents.

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