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In today's episode of Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn, I’m delighted to be joined by Dr. Corinne Menn, a passionate advocate for women's health and hormone therapy expert. We delve deep into the complexities of menopause care, especially focusing on breast cancer survivors. Dr. Menn discusses the nuanced options available and emphasizes the importance of a tailored treatment plan considering individual patient needs and backgrounds. This episode unfolds the hidden struggles of managing menopause symptoms post-breast cancer and lays out concrete steps for embracing informed decision-making.

In this episode you'll:

  • Learn about the transformative effects of personalized hormone therapy post-breast cancer.
  • Understand the critical role of vaginal estrogen and FDA-approved DHEA in alleviating genitourinary symptoms.
  • Recognize the challenges and possibilities related to testosterone use in breast cancer survivors concerning libido issues.
  • Gain insights from pivotal trials and studies about the safety and efficacy of hormone therapy in breast cancer survivors.
  • Address the myths and misconceptions surrounding hormone therapy, with a focus on the quality of life and women's health empowerment.

Episode Timeline:
00:05 Introduction to Today’s Topic
01:15 Guest Introduction: Dr. Corinne Menn
02:45 Understanding Menopause in Breast Cancer Survivors
06:30 The Role of Hormones in Long-Term Health Management
10:58 Addressing the Specific Needs of Breast Cancer Survivors
17:25 Dr. Menn’s Personal and Professional Insights on Breast Cancer Journey
24:34 Debunking Hormone Therapy Myths
36:20 How Alloy Helps Survivors Navigate Post-Cancer Menopause
44:05 Practical Advice for Advocating Personal Health Decisions
52:39 Closing Thoughts: Empowerment through Knowledge

Dr. Corinne Menn is an esteemed OB GYN and a menopause specialist who co-founded Alloy, a telehealth platform dedicated to providing accessible menopause care. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 and undergoing a profound personal health journey, Dr. Menn dedicated her career to enhancing menopause education and hormone therapy practices. Her work now focuses on advocating for personalized healthcare and empowering women to make informed choices about their treatment and well-being.

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