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In today's episode of Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn, I'm joined by Jenn Payeur, the CEO and founder of Nature Provides. Jenn shares her transformation from corporate banking to holistic healing after her breast cancer diagnosis. Join us as Dr. Jenn delves into Jenn Payeur’s compelling story, discussing the importance of preserving lymph nodes during surgery, the power of daily spiritual practice, and the impact of joy and safety on our internal chemistry. This episode is filled with insights on holistic medicine, breast cancer prevention, and alternative treatments. Listen and learn actionable steps you can take to optimize your own breast health.

In this episode you'll:

  • Discover the significance of proactive steps in optimizing breast health.
  • Learn about Jenn’s advocacy for preserving lymph nodes during surgery and her remarkable recovery.
  • Understand the crucial role of developing a daily spiritual practice.
  • Realize the importance of shifting from survival mode to joy and safety for internal healing.
  • Gain insights into alternative check-ups and treatments, including ultrasound over mammograms.
  • Recognize the impact of finding one’s unique purpose and seeking joy through meaningful connections and service to others.
  • Benefits of essential oils and plant stem cells in holistic healing.

Episode Timeline:

00:05 Introduction and Welcome
03:02 Preserving Lymph Nodes and Quick Recovery
06:45 Embracing Self-Care and Spiritual Practices
10:10 Shifting from Survival Mode to Joy and Safety
15:35 Jenn’s Health Crises and Path to Healing
20:22 Declining Conventional Treatments
24:45 Transitioning from Corporate to Healing
28:30 Importance of Plant Stem Cells and Essential Oils
48:12 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Jenn Payeur is the CEO and founder of Nature Provides, a company dedicated to the health benefits of plant stem cells. After a successful yet stressful career in banking and facing multiple health crises, Jenn embraced holistic healing methods. Her journey led her to establish Nature Provides, where she advocates for education, joy, and self-care, inspiring many on their own health journeys.

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