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In today's episode of the Keeping Abreast podcast, I am joined by Dr. Bindiya Gandhi, a specialist in integrative and functional medicine, who is dedicated to helping patients achieve metabolic health. We delve into the crucial yet often overlooked aspects of insulin and leptin resistance, and explore how these conditions profoundly impact metabolic health, weight management, and even mental acuity. We also discuss the significant connection between metabolic health and breast cancer risk, underlining the importance of addressing these issues proactively. Dr. Gandhi shares her personal health journey and the importance of addressing the root causes of illnesses.

In this episode you'll:

  • Learn why many doctors don't check for insulin and leptin resistance and the importance of these tests.
  • Discover methods to improve insulin sensitivity and guidelines for effectively managing leptin resistance.
  • Uncover the connection between metabolic health and muscle mass, especially as we age.
  • Gain insights into the link between inflammation, metabolic health, well-being, and breast health.
  • Understand the impact of chronic antibiotic use and other medications on gut health and metabolism.
  • Find out how to track body composition to ensure fat loss without sacrificing muscle mass.

Episode Timeline:
00:05 Introduction and Welcome
01:19 Guest Introduction: Dr. Bindiya Gandhi
02:01 Dr. Gandhi's Personal Health Journey
07:04 The Overlooked Tests for Metabolic Health
11:32 The Role of Insulin and Leptin in Metabolism
11:56 Recommendations for Managing Leptin Resistance
12:08 The Importance of Muscle Mass for Metabolic Health
22:55 Link Between Inflammation and Metabolic Health
28:57 Influence of Prescription Medications on Metabolism
30:50 Importance of Tracking Body Composition
31:53 Addressing Root Causes of Metabolic Issues
33:41 Practical Steps for Improving Metabolic Health
42:46 Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Metabolic Health
58:38 The Role of Gut Health in Metabolism
01:00:41 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi is an integrative and functional medicine physician specializing in metabolic health, weight loss resistance, and hormone balance. With a passion born from her own health struggles, she aims to empower patients by addressing root causes of health issues and guiding them towards healthy, sustainable lifestyles.


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