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In this week's episode of Keeping Abreast with Dr. Jenn, we are joined by Dr. Joel Evans, an expert in genetic risk assessment and functional medicine. We delve into the groundbreaking screening tool offered by, focusing on personalized breast cancer risk analysis. Our conversation touches on the interplay between hormones, blood sugar, and breast cancer risk, as well as the role of inflammation and fat cells in increasing risk. Dr. Evans highlights how combining genetic and lifestyle assessments can provide a powerful and accurate picture of one’s breast cancer risk, empowering women to make informed choices about their health.

In this episode you'll:

  • Discover the new breast cancer risk assessment tool by
  • Learn about the significance of combining genetic and lifestyle factors in risk assessment.
  • Understand how identifying below-average risk can alleviate fears and emotional burden.
  • Explore the impact of environmental factors, stress, and lifestyle changes on breast health.
  • Gain insights into the potential of early detection measures starting from age 30.
  • Recognize the importance of safe screening recommendations

Episode Timeline:
00:05 Introduction and Welcome
02:01 Introduction to’s Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool
05:24 How Genetic and Lifestyle Factors Interplay in Assessing Risk
11:32 Impact of Environmental and Lifestyle Factors on Breast Health
11:56 New Methods in Breast Cancer Screening
20:55 Recommendations for Women Starting at Age 30
28:57 Hormones and Their Link to Breast Cancer Risk
30:50 Personalized Screening and Preventative Measures
33:41 The Role of Lifestyle Changes in Reducing Breast Cancer Risk
42:46 Enhancing Quality of Life through Risk Assessment
58:38 Closing Remarks and Encouragement for Breast Health Proactivity

Dr. Joel M. Evans, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN and Director of The Center for Functional Medicine. He is the Chief Medical Officer of HealthPointe Solutions and GeneType, focusing on AI in healthcare and breast cancer risk assessment. Dr. Evans is a leading educator at the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Medical Director of the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, making significant contributions to breast cancer prevention and women's health.

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